Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fior di Perle Python Catsuit & Boots

Again this weekend at Fior di Perle, a new release for the 60L Weekend Sales.

This hot catsuit in snake texture comes with:

- Top and pants in all layers
- Sculpt collar
- Upper arm bracelets - can be worn on lower arm too (with resize script)
- necklace (with resize script)
- Belly adornment (with resize script)

** Available in black, blue, gold, red, pink & silver

Don't miss this chance to get this high quality product for an unbelievable price. Price will go up after the weekend.

Boots are sold separately and also on sale!

- Sculpted calf or ankle boots in snake texture
- Modifiable through deletable low lag resize script

** soon on the marketplace too but for regular price, so if you want to get them at a discount price, come to Fior di Perle inworld (until Monday morning)