Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fior di Perle Python Catsuit & Boots

Again this weekend at Fior di Perle, a new release for the 60L Weekend Sales.

This hot catsuit in snake texture comes with:

- Top and pants in all layers
- Sculpt collar
- Upper arm bracelets - can be worn on lower arm too (with resize script)
- necklace (with resize script)
- Belly adornment (with resize script)

** Available in black, blue, gold, red, pink & silver

Don't miss this chance to get this high quality product for an unbelievable price. Price will go up after the weekend.

Boots are sold separately and also on sale!

- Sculpted calf or ankle boots in snake texture
- Modifiable through deletable low lag resize script

** soon on the marketplace too but for regular price, so if you want to get them at a discount price, come to Fior di Perle inworld (until Monday morning)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Ghost Avatar at Fior di Perle

I've made these just for fun and want to share them with you. It's free!

Five sculpt ghost avatars with float AO and alpha mask. It's modifiable so you can make it larger or smaller, change color & texture.

Get ready for Halloween!

LM to Fior di Perle

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fior di Perle New Release and 60L Weekend

Babe is my new mini dress with micro prim skirt.

The dress comes with:

Top in all layers
Pants in all layers
Sculpt collar

This dress is part of 60L Weekend this weekend (29 Oct - 01 Nov). After that it will cost 150L, so you're getting more than 50% discount.

Boots and belts are sold separately

* Model on the left is wearing A&A Lorena hair also available at Fior di Perle

* Angie Sunkissed skin by Fior di Perle

See you at Fior di Perle!

lm to Fior di Perle Skins & Shapes

My products in the marketplace

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lilith Witch Outfit by Darque Rhapsody

That my friend Darque is a great photographer is nothing new to me, but everytime she sends me a new picture I always marvel at her talent.

She sent me a picture with my newly released outfit Lilith that I just have to share here. What a beautiful work of art Darque! Thank you!

Lilith is available at Fior di Perle with a special Halloween discount.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lilith Goth/Witch Outfit

This Weekend at Fior di Perle you can get our new outfit Lilith as part of the 60L Weekend Sales.

Lilith is perfect for Halloween, but not only. Take the hat off and you have a lovely goth dress!

Lilith comes with:

- Two skirts
- Choker
- Earrings
- Hat with and without particles
- Belt with Bow on the back
- Stockings
- Top in all layers
- 2 pants (one for the long and short skirt)

You can buy the boots separately as part of the 60L Weekend Sales too

Don't miss the chance to get this gorgeous outfit for an unbeatable price! Hurry to Fior di Perle

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fior di Perle Sexy Fairy Outfit

My new addition to my Fantasy Line is this glittery Sexy Fairy Outfit.

Included in the outfit are:

- Top in all layers
- pants in all layers
- prim skirt
- prim wings
- sculpted choker
- Sculpted boots (with deletable resizer script)
- Face tattoo
- Leg tattoo

** As part of the 60L weekend you can buy the outfit without the boots and face tattoo for 60L only. Boots and face tattoo are being sold separately for 60L each too. But only until Monday, so hurry! ***

Live your fantasy at Fior di Perle

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two Free Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts @ Fior di Perle

A friend, who is a breast cancer survivor, asked me to make a shirt for her to wear this month and I decided to make it available for all.

I made two versions, one for those who have fought cancer and won the battle, and those who want to show their support to this campaign.

Let's help raise awareness to this illness that takes so many lives. Consider donating to a reliable cancer research organization. DO NOT donate to me, please.

I hope you like the shirts and join us! They're on the second floor in the clothes department, near the stairs.

LM to Fior di Perle