Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fior di Perle Boho Outfit - New Release Special Promo

I felt like doing something different this week. I like this kind of clothes in rl very much and had so much fun making this outfit.

This boho outfit comes with:

- Jeans jacket with embroidery on the back, sculpt cuffs and collar
- Blouse
- Prim skirt
- Glitch pants
- 2 bracelets

To celebrate the release, I've put it for sale for a special price. You can buy this outfit for only 100L but only this weekend.

I've made some boots, sandals and a belt to go with it. They are also on sale, 80L each.

They are waiting for you at Fior di Perle on the second floor. I hope you like them ;)