Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Address and New Skin at Fior di Perle's Goth Department!

The holidays are over and it's time to start a new year, and why not a new Second Life with a new skin, a new you? To start the year 2010 I'm lauching Liz Goth Line and am moving my Goth & Fantasy skins to my main store. So you now have a bigger choice in one place.

Liz Goth comes in two colors so far: Black and Red. There are two makeup options for each color, with and without jewels, three different lips colors, and for those who are in the mood to play dangerously, you get the version with blood when you buy the skin too. Come and get your demo and check this gorgeous and unique goth makeup!

For this and other skins, visit my shop in Travitown

To you all a great New Year in RL and SL!
Pearl Vollmar - Fior di Perle Skins & Shapes