Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fior di Perle New Release - Special 60L Weekend Promo Price

I have a new release this weekend as part of the 60L Weekend sales!

My new outfit Ruby comes with:

- Leather jacket
- Jeans shorts
- 2 sheer tops (black & white)
- 2 bikini tops (black & white)
- 2 capri stockings and 2 socks (black & white)

This weekend (3-4 September) you can buy this outfit for 60L as part of the 60L weekend sales. Shoes can be bought separately at Fior die Perle also with a special release price: 60L each.

The outfit comes with two fishnet stockings, but you can buy the fat pack with 10 colors for 60L too.

After the weekend, price will change, so hurry!

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