Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fior di Perle Weekend News - You can't miss these offers!

I have so many offers for you this weekend! I'm in the 60L Weekend, S&D and LOW sales this weekend.

First my new dress with a super special promo price:

Raicca comes with:

Prim frilly skirt
- Prim sleeves
- Glitch pants
- Sandals with skin hud (30 preset skin colors)
- Pearl Choker
- In all layers

You can get this dress this weekend for a super special price, as part of the 60L Weekend sales. After the weekend, the price will go up to its regular price of 150L

And to go with the dress, the Sassy hair the model is wearing, also part of the 60L Weekend sales.

Sassy is adorned with Pearls and comes with a hairbase.

Now for the LOW sales I have the soleil complete outfit for 100L only (regular price is 250L)

But you can get the clogs for 60L

Clogs are modifiable through a resizer script.

And last but not least, the S&D sales. 60L each

The clogs are not included in this outfit but you can buy them for 60L each too

Don't miss these offers. They'll be there only until Monday, Aug 15th!

Hurry to Fior di Perle