Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fior di Perle New Release Soleil Complete Outfit - Promo for a limited time

Newly Released Soleil Complete Outfit

This complete outfit comes with:

Top in all layers
Prim babydoll
2 Bermudas (natural jeans and collored) with sculpted cuffs
2 Sculpted clogs in black and white croco texture
2 sculpted belts in black and white croco texture
2 Sculpted bracelets

You can get this outfit for a special release price for a limited time. Get it for 180L while it lasts. After Monday it will go up to its normal price.

As part of the 60L sales I have my newly released Soleil outfit in Pink.
You can buy the separate pieces, it comes otherwise as a complete outfit.

60L each only! While you're there, don't forget to touch the kiosk for a complete list of items with lots of goodies from other designers, or look at the gallery online: 60L gallery

Happy shopping!

LM to Fior di Perle