Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April The New Face at Fior di Perle

A brand new exclusive face arrived at Fior di Perle!

April comes in a pack with:

- Two skins (with & without cleavage)
- 3 extra lipsticks (as tattoo layers) - that makes 4 lipstick colors total
- 3 hairbases (as tattoo layers - black, brown and cream blond - worth 300L)
- Shape
- Prim eyelashes
- Facelight

You get all that for only 990L, just do the math and you'll see this is a great bargain.

Like all my skins, April is a mixture of photosourcing and hand-drawing, different from all skins you'll find in the grid.

On the picture above, April is wearing Frilly Dress Floral by Fior di Perle and A&A Danika hair (hairbase tattoo layer comes with the skin) Both hair and dress are available at Fior di Perle.

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