Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fior di Perle New Skin Marie

There is a new face at Fior di Perle!

Marie comes in five skin tones: pale, natural, sunkissed, brunette and tanned. And you have six makeup options to choose from.

The Pack comes with:

- 2 skins - one with and one without cleavage (copy/no mod/no trans)
- Shape (copy/mod/no trans)
- Prim lashes (copy/mod/no trans)
- Face light (copy/mod/no trans)
- 3 hairbases as tattoo layers in black, brown and blond (copy/no mod/no trans)

Fior di Perle skins are a combination of photosourcing images and hand drawing to create original looks, and make you stand out from the crowd of similar looking skins available on the grid. You’ll no longer see a girl on every corner looking just like you! You’ll feel unique because you are!

Try a demo inworld or on the marketplace

See you at Fior di Perle!