Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Skins - Universal Breast & Cleavage Enhancement

You love your skin but your breasts and cleavage are not quite what you wanted? Ever wanted a naturally sexy looking cleavage? Here's your chance! The Universal breast & cleavage enhancer is exactly what you've longing for! You can use this with any skin!

This enhancer comes in 9 preset skin colors to make it easier to find the right match for your skin

Colors are:
Dark brunette, brunette & light brunette
Pale, light pale & very light pale
Sunkissed & Light sunkissed

To change the colors to reach the perfect match for your skin, find the cleavage corlor that comes closest to the skin you are wearing, edit your appearance and work with the color/tint sliders (start with the luminosity slider). Notecard with instructions inside.

This product does not include the nipple, so it will not change that part of your skin. It comes in undershirt, shirt, jacket and tattoo layers to give you more flexibility.

This cleavage enhancer is a high quality product and has been tested in several skins, not only my own skins.

Have fun with your new look. You'll sure to have many heads turning to look at your new sexy you!

Wait no longer, come Fior di Perle and start looking sexy!