Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fior di Perle Hairbase Tattoo For Viewer 2 or similar

Now that Emerald is gone, a lot of people began to try other viewers and finally discovered the tattoo layer. Well, actually many already knew about it, and had tried it on viewer 2, but we all know how most of us were/are reluctant to use the said viewer. Well, good news is that some of the third party viewers have it! You can now start benefiting from this wonderful feature!

I made some special edition skins with hairbases last week, but this is a lot better! These hairbases can be worn with any skin and any skin tone. It gives your updo hair or pony tail a more realistic look and avoids those annoying holes on your head when you cam out.

You can buy them individually or get the fatpack with 16 colors.

Individual hair bases: 100L
Fatpack with 16 hairbases: 1000L

Please note that to wear these hairbases you will need to use the SL Viewer 2 or similar. Viewers that I know that also suport tattoo layers and are: Imprudence, Phoenix and Kirstens. They are all included in Linden Lab Viewer Directory: Third-Party Viewer Directory

To wear your hairbase tattoo is quite simple. It works just like any other tattoo or piece of clothing. You click on it and wear it. That's all!

Please try a demo before you buy to make sure this is what you are looking for and that it works for you. Demos can be found here or at Fior di Perle

See you there!