Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be Marylin Monroe in SL!

Our new release this weekend are these absolutely gorgeous evening dresses!

Extremely realistic texture, photosourced and hand-drawn, they come in six colors (red, blue, black, berry, green and teal), and for a limited time you can buy the colors green and berry with a special 50% release discount.

There are two styles available: evening gown and babydoll cocktail dress.
Whatever style you chose, you are sure to have people awed by your splendour and elegance!

Dress: Gradient Gown & Gradient Babydoll dress
Skin: Liz Sunkissed Smokey eyeshadow - hotlips by Fior di Perle

Wait no longer! Come to Fior di Perle and start being the center of attention everywhere you go!